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jeudi 18 janvier 2007
par adi
9 million tourists visited Egypt in 2006
Mohamed Salah Attia Gazette staff More than 9 million tourists visited Egypt in 2006, up 5.5 per cent in comparison to 2005, a senior official said yesterday. Revenues from tourism were up by 11.8 per cent, totalling $7.6 billion, Minister of Tourism Zoheir Garranah told a press conference.
The ministry is making plans to boost tourist arrivals to Egypt to 14 million by 2011, Garranah added. Tourists from UK were the highest in 2006, with 1,033,006, followed by Russia (998,148), Germany (966.386) and Italy (786,130), the minister said.
At the Arab level, Libyans topped tourist arrivals (...)

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