Hideyo Noguchi Prize for Africa
jeudi 26 avril 2007
par adi
The Japanese Government has established the Hideyo Noguchi Prize for Africa in July 2006 to award individuals with outstanding achievements in the field of medical research and medical services. Africa is a region with a serious need for solutions to infectious diseases.

The prize aims to encourage the fight against diseases in Africa, thus contributing to the health and welfare of people living in Africa and elsewhere.

The Award money will be funded primarily by the Government of Japan. A fund will be established to partially finance the award money. The fund will be open to the public for donation and contribution. A fund-raising campaign will be launched in due course. Your donation to the fund will be highly appreciated.

-  What is the "Hideyo Noguchi Prize for Africa" ?

- Background of the Prize and future events

- Who is Dr. Hideyo Noguchi ? Source : Abe Cabinet, april 26, 2007

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